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Collaboration opportunity: chaga mushroom phytochemistry and bioactivities

Dear Colleagues,

We are planning to conduct a phytochemistry and bioactivity study with chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus (Ach. ex Pers.) Pilát (1942)) collected in different locations (collaborative project with Prof. Atanas G. Atanatov and colleagues from different countries).

One aspect of the study will be collecting of chaga samples around the world (100 g of dry mushroom material, correctly identified according to international standards and accompanied by a picture of the mushroom, the date and place of collection and GPS location) and the species of the three from where it was collected.
At this stage, we will have possibility to continue the experiment by applying some bioassays as well to further characterize the biological compounds which are specific for chaga collected from different locations.

With this announcement, we seek for collaboration with partners who can supply us with suitable amount of herbal material and potentially market available phytopharmaceuticals. Results will be aimed to be published in a Q1 journal from the field of natural products/medicinal plants/medicinal mushrooms or food area.

If interested in this collaboration opportunity, please send me an email (mocan.andrei@umfcluj.ro) with information detailing the herbal materials and phytopharmaceuticals that you would be interested and able to provide for such collaboration.

With best wishes,
Andrei Mocan, PharmD., PhD