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Collaboration opportunity: writing of a chapter for an interdisciplinary scientific review (Q1, IF = 6-8)

Dear Colleagues,

We are currently preparing a joint interdisciplinary review (collaboration with Dr. Atanas G. Atanasov) focused on molecular targets underlying therapeutic effects of flavonoids.

This joint work will be submitted to a Q1-ranked journal with an impact factor in the range 6-8.

I am currently searching for potential co-authors who can write preliminary drafts.

If interested to join, please send me an email (SM Nabavi, nabavi208@gmail.com ) with information detailing your qualifications (including information for previous publications on a similar topic). Please also include AG Atanasov ( a.atanasov.mailbox@gmail.com ) on the “CC” of the relevant email to keep him informed for the discussion development.

With best wishes,
Seyed Mohammad Nabav

June 12, 2017

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