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Collaboration opportunity: experimental melanoma treatment in mice

Update from 25 of May 2017: this collaboration opportunity is now closed.

Dear Colleagues,

We are planning to conduct a melanoma mice study this summer (approximately June 2017; involving overall 10 “healthy control” mice and 40 mice with melanoma; collaborative project with Prof. Atanas G. Atanatov and Agata Kokocińska).

One aspect of the study will be collecting of urine from the mice (searching for diagnostic markers) – until the moment in which the melanoma tumor becomes clearly diagnosable (slight swelling with light colour, corresponding to this stage of the disease in which patients get often diagnosed and start treatment). At this stage, we will have possibility to continue the experiment by applying some experimental treatment that can possibly slow the disease progression.

With this announcement, we seek for collaboration with a partner who can propose/supply us with a suitable candidate-treatment to be tested (e.g., a drug, or a food supplement).

The most suitable candidate-treatment would be one for which you would already have good unpublished data for in vitro effectiveness – and you can make use of the suggested in vivo experiment data for some manuscript in preparation by you. Another important consideration is that we should have in advance some idea in what dose the treatment should be applied (for example optimal case would be if there would be already available literature data for in vivo experiments by others with the same compound or supplement).

If interested in this collaboration opportunity, please send me an email ( dongdong.wang@univie.ac.at ) with information detailing the experimental treatment that you would be interested to offer for such collaboration.

With best wishes,
Dongdong Wang

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